Precision LandingTM Personnel Elevator

Humphrey Belt Manlift

Reliable vertical transportation that saves time and energy. Your employees can travel with ease.

Humphrey Manlift Company is committed to keeping employees, customers, vendors and business partners safe while supporting  our customers and the supply chain through this difficult time. Humphrey Manlift Company is critical to the supply chain for multiple essential industries listed under the “Critical Infrastructure Segment.” We are committed to keep the supply chain moving for essential products and key industries.

Endless Belt Manlift

Do your employees travel vertically in the routine performance of their duties? If so, the low-cost mechanical solution is the Humphrey Employees’ Belt Manlift.

Precision Landing(R) Personnel Elevator

Our Precision LandingTM Elevator is the perfect permanent personnel elevator for inside and outside of your business warehouse or building. 

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