Can new belt manlifts still be bought and installed in the US?

Yes, belt manlifts are sold and installed throughout the US, Canada, and the world. Please check with your local governing bodies for current codes and guidelines regarding belt manlift installation.

What are the advantages of a belt manlift over other types of elevators?

In contrast to conventional elevators there is no waiting for a Humphrey Manlift. Its endless belt provides for continuous transportation in both directions. Humphrey Manlifts also take up only a fraction of the floor space of conventional elevators, and are generally less expensive than them.

Are there any guidelines Humphrey has to follow when manufacturing their belt manlifts?

Yes, Humphrey Belt Manlifts are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME A90.1-2009 (Revision of ASME A90.1-2003) Safety Standards for Belt Manlifts

Can Humphrey Manlifts be used in homes, churches, and other public places?

No, Humphrey Manlifts are not for use by the general public. Humphrey Manlifts are to carry only authorized personnel trained in their use.

Can we install a new belt manlift in an existing building?
How much does a belt manlift cost?

Since all belt manlifts are custom made for each application we can quote a belt manlift for you based on your needs. Please contact a Humphrey Manlift representative for details.

Can I still get replacement parts for my belt manlift?

We can supply replacement parts for most makes and models of belt manlifts including Humphrey, Viola, Allis Chalmers, Ehrsham, and Barnard & Leas. Humphrey may also be able to custom make parts for your belt manlift. Request more information on custom manlift parts.

Attention Angle-frame Manlift Owners – Humphrey Manlift, Inc. has elected to discontinue support for all angle-frame manlifts. Read moreor contact a Humphrey Manlift representative for details.

Can material be carried on belt manlifts?

No. Belt manlifts are for use by trained and authorized personnel only. No freight, packaged goods, pipe, lumber, or material of any kind shall be carried or transported on any belt manlift. No tools, except those fitting entirely within a pocket shall be carried on any belt manlift.

What is the capacity of a step?

The capacity of a step is one rider per step. Also, refer to ASME A90.1-2009 Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts Section 5.5.6. for information on strength of step supports.