Elevator Project Scope & Division of Responsibility

Included in the Humphrey Manlift Precision Landing® Elevator Package:

  • The elevator car and counter weight assemblies.
  • The overhead traction machine frame with drive motor / gearbox, governor, and brake components.
  • The control system consisting of the main, in car, top of car, and hall call assemblies.
  • Hoist way door assemblies with interlocks.
  • All associated rails, generic rail mounts, limit switches, interlocks, emergency stop switches, and traveling cable.
  • Optional components as requested.
  • Telephone and web based support for installation and start up as needed.

To Be Provided by Others:

  • Installation, set up, testing, and maintenance to be performed by an authorized elevator contactor in accordance with the installation and operating instructions provided by Humphrey Manlift, the ASME A17.1-2016 National Safety Code, National Electrical Code, and state and local building codes.
  • Construction of the following in a manner consistent with national, state, and local codes:
      • A clear, square, and plumb hoist way with mounting points to interface with the Humphrey Manlift supplied provisions to attach the elevator rail, system, and hoist way door components.
      • A machine room with provisions to properly install and maintain the elevator system, traction machine, and related components. If a tower is not provided, support for the traction machine and entire elevator system weight is required.
      • A pit area or raised bottom landing with proper drainage, support, and mounting accommodations for the elevator rails and buffer systems. If a tower is provided, proper support for the entire elevator system weight is required.
      • All other building work to meet national, state, and local codes and facility requirements.
    • Provisions to maintain the machine room space between 40 °F and 105 °F. and less than 95% relative humidity.
    • A 230 or 460 VAC, 30 AMP supply circuit breaker and a 120 VAC 20 AMP supply circuit breaker in the main control room.
    • Any work or efforts to comply to state and local codes including construction drawings and permits.
    • Proper weather protection, ventilation, drainage, and illumination of the main control room, machine room, hoist way, and pit areas.
    • Supply and installation of electrical conduit and wiring within the hoist way as well as between the elevator system junction box(s) and the main control panel(s).
    • Pit and hoist way ladders as required by national, state, and local codes.
    • Provisions for earthquake protection as required by the national, state, and local codes.