Dear Humphrey angle-frame manlift owner:

After careful consideration of ongoing costs and demand, Humphrey Manlift, Inc. has elected to discontinue support for all angle-frame manlifts. Most angle-frame manlift owners have already converted to modern channel-frame lifts, but there are still a few angle-frame lifts in service.

The youngest angle-frame lift in the field is more than forty-years old and the cost of replacement parts has grown substantially over the past several years, due to both the low quantity of orders and the difficulty locating casting operations and other vendors willing to make angle-frame components to Humphrey’s rigid specifications.

Upgrade discount

Beginning immediately, Humphrey is offering a special 10% discount off manufacturer’s suggest retail price to angle-frame lift owners only, on parts required to convert their angle-frame manlifts to channel-frame manlifts or a 10% discount on any new manlift ordered to replace an existing angle-frame manlift. The offer is good on any upgrade or replacement ordered prior to December 31, 2007. Call for a quote. Quotes are valid for 60 days.

Spares while they last

Humphrey has a limited inventory of spare parts for angle-frame manlifts. These spares are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while they last. Humphrey will not reorder angle-frame parts as our inventory is depleted. If you have an angle-frame lift you need to keep in service a while longer, call or fax in your parts order today.

Advantages of the channel-frame lift

The Humphrey channel-frame manlift is less expensive to own and operate than the older angle-frame lifts. Parts are readily available. Most service people are trained on the newer lifts. The fundamental structure of the channel-frame lift is more robust.

Channel Frame


3” channel guide rails

Angle guide rails

4 rollers per step

2 rollers per step

2 step bars attached to belt per step

1 step bar attached to belt per step

2 11/16” head shaft

2 3/16” head shaft

Pillow block bearings

High box bearings

Saf-T-Stop Brake now standard

What does an upgrade involve?

Conversion can be accomplished by any competent manlift installer. Call us for a recommended technician in your area. Parts required include:

  • Head circles
  • Foot circles
  • 3” channel guide rails
  • Frame braces
  • Splice plates
  • Belt
  • Steps
  • Handholds
  • Safety stop devices
  • Rope guides
  • Control rope
  • Rope sheaves
  • Ladder rungs

If you haven’t already upgraded your angle frame manlift, here are recommended upgrades

  • Control panel
  • Saf-T-Stop Brake with guard(requires new head shaft)
  • Pillow block bearings
  • New style coupler with guard
  • New style head pulley
  • New style gear box

What do I do?

Call us now and we’ll help you design your upgrade or replacement lift. Contact us at:

  • Telephone: (507) 334-6193
  • Fax: (507) 334-1731
  • E-mail