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The Humphrey Manlift is a belt manlift built on tradition and recognized as an outstanding value for any type of facility needing to move people up or down floor flights with a limited use of space. Grain elevators, automobile parking ramps, chemical factories, beverage manufacturers and similar operations know Humphrey Manlift as a recognized provider of manlift solutions.

Well constructed, economical, effective, and always dependable are some of the key traits of the Humphrey Manlift Company and our products. Enduring in value from the 1800's and now into the 21st century, Humphrey Manlift serves a variety of organizations throughout the world, providing automated alternatives for moving people from one level to another, quickly, easily and safely.

Browse the belt manlift literature section and frequently asked questions about manlifts.


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Manlift Safety Stickers

Safety Stickers
Humphrey Manlift is offering manlift
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Attention All Belt Manlift Users:
The ASME A90 Committee has revised the Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts. The new standard is the ASME A90.1-2009 (Revision of ASME A90.1-2003) Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts.
Please make sure all your belt manlifts are in compliance with this code, as well as all state and/or local codes.

Belt Manlift 

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