Precision Landing® Personnel Elevator FAQs

Please read our FAQs for the new PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator.  This is a low maintenance solution when vertical transportation is needed. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions.
Is a Manlift the same thing as a Special Purpose Personnel Elevator?

No. A Belt (or vertical personnel) Manlift is an endless belt that travels about 75 feet per minute and provides continuous transportation in both directions, so a person can get on or off any floor without interrupting service for other employees. An employee stands on step and can ride the manlift up or down. A Special Purpose Personnel Elevator is a vertical transportation machine that is completely enclosed. A Humphrey Manlift personnel elevator is powered by an electric motor. As the person steps into the “cage”, a door must be closed to ride the elevator up and down to another level.

Is your commercial personnel elevator a 1 or 2 person elevator or a 3 or 4 person elevator?

The personnel elevator capacity is not based on the number of people but rather weight capacity: 350, 650 or 1000 lbs. Our special purpose elevator (or lift) can support people or cargo as long as the capacity guidelines are followed.

Do you sell commercial elevator alternatives?

Yes, our Precision Landing™ Personnel Elevator is a high quality elevator alternative. Our special purpose personnel elevator can be added to a building with limited space in a relatively short amount of time and is meant for commercial or industrial use only.

What is the capacity of the PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator?
The PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator is available in 350, 650 or 1000 lb. capacity.
At what speed does the PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator travel?
Our PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator travels 150 fpm
Can the PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator be installed in an existing building?
Yes, it can be installed in new construction and also retrofit into most locations. Just contact Humphrey Manlift for additional information at (507) 334-6193.
How high can the PRECISION LANDING™ Personnel Elevator travel?
Most applications do not exceed 250 feet. For situations that need higher than 250 feet, please contact Humphrey Manlift at 507-334-6193.
What if we don't have room for an elevator shaft or don't have a personnel elevator building?

We make a tower that can be used for such situations. Just contact Humphrey Manlift for additional information at (507) 334-6193.